Munaron, Jacky Stats

In 1974, Sporting Anderlecht and Standard showed up at the same time to land Jacky Munaron, who played for FC Dinant. Anderlecht's training center made a better impression on the young goalkeeper's parents. But 18 years later, he would leave Anderlecht for Standard anyway, to become second goalkeeper.

Being 18 years old, he played his first game for Anderlecht when Jan Ruiter got injured. He lived in a flat close to the stadium and also had to compete with Leen Barth for the place of second goalie. It would take him four more years before he would become the trainer's first choice. Munaron also played in the Cup Winners' Cup that year, but he was on the bench when Anderlecht won the final against West Ham in 1976. After the game, he was hit by a bottle that was thrown by a hooligan.

When Raymond Goethals decided to replace Jan Ruiter, brought another Dutchman, Nico De Bree of RWDM, to Anderlecht. De Bree soon got involved in a car accident and Goethals lost his faith in the goalie. Jacky now had a chance to prove himself, but he went crazy in a friendly game and was sent off. That didn't mean he was playing bad though. Munaron had stopped four out of five penalties in the game against Ajax and was nearly elected as best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Later during his carreer, he got again fierce competition of De Bree and of a new goalie, the Austrian Friedrich Koncilia. The arrival of trainer Ivic was a good thing for Munaron. He became first goalkeeper and kept that status under Van Himst. He also won the EUFA-Cup against Benfica in '83. During his next European campaign, he was again hit by an object thrown from the crowd. That happened in the game against the French club Lens. The French side took advantage of the situation and scored second later. But that didn't keep Sporting from reaching another European final. But this time, Tottenham was too strong in the final. They won with a penalty shoot-out. The next trainer to arrive in Anderlecht was Georges Leekens, who never had a good relationship with Munaron. Then Goethals came back but Munaron left at the end of the season '88-'89 to FC Liège. He served the club for three years. The player was also selected for 8 international games. The first one was in '82 on the World Cup in Spain against Russia. The last one in '86 against Luxemburg.