Van Binst, Gilbert Stats

Gilles Van Binst started his career playing for the local team of Peutie. Anderlecht discovered his talent and brought him to the capital when he was 15 years old.

Van Binst played in the youth teams for two years and and made his debute as a defender (right-back) in 1968 against KV Mechelen. Van Binst was one of Anderlecht's youngest players in the team, together with his good friend Hugo Broos.

Van Binst remained in the team and scored several goals. In 1978, he scored two goals in the final of the Cup Winners' Cup that Anderlecht won against Austria Wien. In that same period, he made his debute for the national team.

In 1980, Van Binst saw the opportunity to earn a lot of money and he left Anderlecht after 12 years for Toulouse. Several other players, such as Rob Rensenbrink followed him to France.

Though he returned to Belgium one year later when he joined Anderlecht's rival Club Brugge. After two years, he ended his career as a professional player. VAn Binst had played 15 games for the national team.

After his career, he became assistant trainer for Club Brugge. But he soon quit. Right now, Van Binst is not active anymore in the football world. Though, now and then he comments on football games on television. In 2005, he attended Anderlecht's fanday.