De Corte, Marcel

Because he left for the Belgian Congo in 1954, Marcel Decorte knew a short football carreer for Anderlecht and the national team. He returned sick from Africa. He only played three interland games, but because of his remarkable skills, he earned his place in this hall of fame. Decorte was like Rik Coppens, one of the biggest talents of that generation. Sporting brought Decorte to Brussels by offering five other players to his current club, Racing Gent, namely: Pierre Figeys, Arnold Vander Eecken, Jean Wijns, Pierre Erroelen and Michel Van Vaerenbergh.

Initially, Decorte had difficulties in Brussels. The young Decorte was so talented, he forgot that football was a team sport. Though after a while, he became one of the stars of Sporting, along with Jef Mermans & Polyte Vanden Bosch. His most memorable moment was in the interland against the Argentinian club Racing Club de Buenos Aires, on May 6, 1954. After a nice combination with Mermans, he scored.

Decorte: "What I remember the best is how the team trained for many times in Huizingen. Eugène Steppé (manager of Sporting back then) let us watch gangster or cowboy movies and told us that we had to behave like that on the field."

Decorte left for Congo and returned with an illness. After being cured, he went back to Sporting to join the staff. Together with Roland Van Ginderachter, he was responsible for several youth teams. Many of the young players were astonished by his excellent skills.