Vercauteren, Franky Stats

Frank Vercauteren (October 28 1956) learnt to play football on the streets of Anderlecht and Molenbeek. He was being educated in the same school as Rik Coppens and Paul Van Himst.

In 1966 he made his debute and he was nicknamed the little prince of the Astridpark. With his curved centers, he caused terror in every opponent's defense.

Vercauteren stayed in Anderlecht until 1987. He won the Golden Shoe in 1983, won four titles and two Cups. He played five European finals and won three of them. He also won the European Supercup twice.

Vercauteren played in the same team as Rob Rensenbrink, Arie Haan, Ludo Coeck, Juan Lozano, Enzo Scifo, Georges Grün, François Vander Elst and Erwin Vandenbergh. Though there's one player he would have a special bond with: Jean Dockx. Leading 4-0 in the European final against Austria Wien, Belgium was already celebrating. Also trainer Goethals, who couldn't understand Franky's gestures. Franky was signaling he wanted to give up his place to Dockx, who was about to retire... Three minutes before the end, Franky was swapped by Dockx.

Between 1987 and 1990, Vercauteren played for FC Nantes and between 1990 and 1993 for RWDM. Later on, Dockx and Vercauteren would work together again, being assistants for Anderlecht. Together, they coached Anderlecht in the 90s. Dockx died not much later, but Vercauteren would keep on serving his club until he was fired as coach in 2007.