Gudjohnsen, Arnor Stats

Arnór Gudjohnsen was born in Husavik on April 30 of the year 1961. The young Gudjohnsen enjoy playing football, but the weather in Northern Icemand only allowed him to play during 4 months. When he was nine, he moved to the capital Reykjavik.

Being twelve years old, he started his carreer at Vikungur Reykjavik. Arnor was clearly better than the rest and he starts dreaming from an international carreer.

Four years later, he managed to realise his dream. Lokeren and Standard, in Belgium, offered the striker a contract. Chairman Aloïs Derycker of Lokeren and his trainer Urbain Braems bring Gudjohnsen to their club. Being 17 years old, Arnor signed for three years and played his first match in the highest division against Club de Liège. The game ended on 3-2 for Lokeren with two goals of ... Arnor Gudjohnsen.

When Paul Van Himst, Anderlecht's trainer, contacted Arnor, he immediataly wanted to go to Anderlecht. Though his first two seasons in Brussels weren't pleasant. The pressure was a lot bigger and when the striker got injured in an international game, he had to rehabilitate for three years. The medical world assumed he would never play football again, but the 22-years old Gudjohnsen fought back and surprised everyone.

When trainer Arie Haan arrived in Anderlecht, he got a new chance.Gudjohnsen: "I played my first game in three years against Club Brugge in the Cup and I scored. Wonderful! I went to Iceland during the summer and I kept on training. Finally everything went well: Belgian titles, European successes and I was the best striker in the league in the season 1986-'87, ..."

In 1990 he left Anderlecht for FC Girondins de Bordeaux, but when the club goes bankrupt, he moves back to Scandinavia ending his carreer in BK Häcken, Örebro SK and Valur Reykjavík.

He also brought successes to the Icelandic national team. Especially the game against Turkey in which he scored four goals, made him a star. Gudjohnsen played 73 games for his country and scored 14 goals. He played his last game against Liechtenstein in 1997.

Arnor is also the father of Eidur Gudjohnsen, who got famous in Barcelona. A journalist once asked a 25-years old Arnor what his life long dream would be. He answered: "I'd like to play together with my son in the national team." He was never able to realise that dream, though he came close at the age of 34, when Arnor was replaced by his 17-year old son Eidur during half time. They were in the same selection, but they never appeared together on the field. Finally, it was planned that both players would play along side, but a few days before the game, Eidur broke his ankle...