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Veldman: "Turning those chances into goals now"


Robin Veldman talked about a lot of things after the game against Silkeborg. Happiness prevailed, but he also saw things that could be even better. "I am very happy for Anderlecht, but also have to give Silkeborg compliments," he said. Read more »

Lior Refaelov: "Better against eleven than against ten"

Lior Refaelov:

With an important goal, Lior Refaelov put Anderlecht on the road to victory. Although he could have made it a much easier evening if he had also scored a second time. He realized that himself. "I'm disappointed that I headed wide of that empty goal," he said afterwards. Read more »


"Only opinion of people within club counts"

Hendrik Van Crombrugge faced some criticism after the game against Eupen, but that did not stop him from addressing the press yesterday. "Yes, that goal against Eupen was my mistake, but it is not because you make a mistake that you are suddenly a bad goalkeeper," he said. Read more »


Saelemaekers: '2.5 years ago Milan was also very ill'

Saelemaekers: '2.5 years ago Milan was also very ill'

Alexis Saelemaekers is currently in Belgium to rehabilitate from a knee injury. Het Laatste Nieuws sought him out and of course Anderlecht came up for discussion. "It hurts to see the club of my heart go through such a difficult period," the Milan player told the paper. Read more »


Kompany: 'Everyone has to be behind the club'

Kompany: 'Everyone has to be behind the club'

While Anderlecht are going through a difficult period, former coach Vincent Kompany is doing very well with Burnley. Last weekend, Kompany was asked how he views the situation at Anderlecht. "I have my opinion on that, as on most things, but it is irrelevant," he replied. Read more »


Leoni: "I feel a lot of pride"


This afternoon, at age 22, it finally happened: Theo Leoni got to make his debut for Anderlecht's first team. "I feel an enormous pride, also for my family," he said after the match. "I had been waiting for this for a long time. I had to be very patient." Read more »


"Win back the trust of the fans first"

Wouter Vandehaute made some statements during his press conference last Monday that have gone wrong with supporters. For instance, he said that the confidence of politicians had to be regained. The supporters showed their disagreement with a banner yesterday.  Read more »

Veldman: "This is not youth football anymore"


Robin Veldman was honest and harsh in his analysis afterwards. A collective failure, he called it, especially on set pieces. Phases that were nonetheless discussed and where everyone knew where the danger lay and yet they allowed it to happen.  Read more »

Vertonghen: 'Gave it away through childish mistakes'

Vertonghen: 'Gave it away through childish mistakes'

For a moment he seemed to become the match-winner with his goal, buthe wasn't. Jan Vertonghen was therefore bitterly disappointed after the match and did not hide his disappointment. "We wanted to make a fresh start and FCSB was the ideal opponent for that. But through childish mistakes we gave it away." Read more »


"I want to see the players smile again"

Robin Veldman already faces a serious assignment tomorrow, the Conference League match against FCSB. The time was short to prepare, Veldman's philosophy also leans closer to that of Vincent Kompany, he immediately admitted himself. But above all, he wants to return the joy of football to his players. Read more »

Refaelov: 'Not enough stability with Mazzu'

Refaelov: 'Not enough stability with Mazzu'

Lior Refaelov took a seat next to Robin Veldman for the press conference. He talked about the departure of Felice Mazzu, who saw his players briefly at Neerpede Monday. But also about his understanding of the supporters' discontent. Read more »


Vertonghen: "I definitely see it working out"


Jan Vertonghen was in Sint-Niklaas this afternoon to open a second Red Court. A social project of the Belgian Football Federation. He also took the time to answer questions about RSC Anderlecht and Vertonghen sees it working out.  Read more »

Veldman: "Happy with this opportunity"


Robin Veldman will take charge of the first team for the time being. Chairman Wouter Vandenhaute stressed that at his press conference yesterday. Because they don't want to burn Veldman with an eye on the future. Veldman himself is happy with the opportunity he has been given. Read more »

Vandenhaute: "It can always go deeper"


It was a defeated Wouter Vandenhaute who spoke to the press yesterday afternoon. That not only Felice Mazzu is to blame, but also with the players, the chairman said. And that things could still be worse but that everyone wants to avoid that at all costs.
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"Plenty of candidates to succeed Mazzu"

As it looks now, Robin Veldman will remain ad interim coach until the start of the World Cup. The board of RSC Anderlecht wants to take the time to appoint a new coach. There is no profile yet, candidates enough according to president Wouter Vandenhaute.
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"Don't want to burn Robin"

Robin Veldman temporarily takes over as head coach of the first team. Wouter Vandenhaute also stressed at the press conference that this is temporary. There are other plans for Veldman and the last thing RSC Anderlecht wants to do now is burn him. Read more »

Coucke: 'Completely out of the blue'

Coucke: 'Completely out of the blue'

The news suddenly appeared this afternoon that Marc Coucke wants to sell his shares at RSC Anderlecht, he is said to have already contacted several people to do so. Het Nieuwsblad contacted Coucke, who immediately responded that those rumours were "completely out of the blue". Read more »

Standard: 'Avoiding such situations in future'

Standard: 'Avoiding such situations in future'

In an official message today, Standard have also reacted to the scenes that took place in and around Sclessin yesterday. The Rouches are calling for measures to ensure that such situations can be avoided in the future, "at Sclessin and in other stadiums". Read more »



Van Crombrugge: "We are behind the coach"

Van Crombrugge:

 "We had the match under control, but then that stupid red card fell and everything collapsed," goalkeeper Hendrik Van Crombrugge said in his analysis of the match. The captain also made it clear that the coach still enjoys the support of the group of players.
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Leye backs Mazzu: 'He was the best last year'

Leye backs Mazzu: 'He was the best last year'

After the match between Anderlecht and Zulte Waregem, Felice Mazzu received the support of his colleague Mbaye Leye. "You are asking him questions he cannot possibly answer," Leye told the journalists present, referring to questions about a possible dismissal. Read more »

"Good relationship with players, but results are not there"

 With a look full of disbelief, Felice Mazzu watched his team suffer another defeat in added time. At the post-match press conference, of course, he was again asked if he fears for his job. "You have to ask my bosses about that. I'm just going to the club tomorrow (today, ed.) to prepare for Sunday's match." Read more »

Derijck: "Sorry, I was wrong".


After watching the footage, Timothy Derijck realized that he had committed a very serious foul on Fabio Silva after all. At halftime, he still minimized the foul. But via Instagram after the match, he apologized and admitted to having been at fault. Read more »


"Frustrating that we didn't get a point against Bruges"

It is striking, the media remains remarkably quiet about a particular save by Simon Mignolet. According to Felice Mazzu, the ball was over the line and so the frustration remains that at least a point was not taken against Bruges. Although the coach wants to build on the intensity of the match above all.  Read more »